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Useful Internet Biz Tools Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Useful Internet Biz Tools Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Yes, I know it has been a very long time since I last posted anything in here. The trouble is, sometimes life runs away with you, sends over a few curve balls and… Well. I’m sure you know. Anyway, here I am again.

So, what’s this post all about?

I was doing some research related to – research. But not online business stuff, no, this was about formatting dissertations, writing up reference lists – educational sorts of things, when I came across a very interesting site called ‘Neils Tool Box‘. And he has some fascinating stuff in there – and not a price to be found!

There’s stuff for students, stuff for business and all free to use (he says so on the home page). There’s also a free stuff section. (Can’t quite work that one out yet, but what the heck.) If you write articles, want to write your first ebook (choose Kindle, by the way, it’s the best platform), research whatever, this looks like a great place to work from.

Neils Toolbox image

Anyway, want to write faster? Use the Speed Writer. Into ClickBank? – there’s a commission calculator. There’s a great one called Lazy Researcher – go check it out. And lots more. I can see me popping over to Neil’s a lot from now on.

I decided to write this post just after I found ‘Neils Tool Box‘ as I was so thrilled to find it. It just goes to show that there’s lots of non-online business stuff around which is very relevant to online biz. Pop over there and see what else you can find.

Three cheers to Neil!

I hope to be back here again very soon.




13 Deadly ListBuilding Tragedies

13 Deadly ListBuilding Tragedies

If you have been led to believe all you have to
do have a profitable online business is to build
a list, then you had better grab this before
you waste any more of your money or time

==> 13 Deadly List Building Tragedies

It’s a funny thing about listbuilding. We all know it’s really important – perhaps the most important item in your whole business.We are told that your ‘list’ is in fact the most important thing you will ever own – if your office is on fire, then make sure you grab your list before you run out of the building!!!

We all think it should be easy to build a list – just follow a system and it will ‘happen’. Then we wonder why we aren’t making any money – and some people give up.

Well, I don’t ‘give up’ on my internet business and neither should you.

To be sure you are doing it correctly you need to check that you are not making costly mistakes. One of the best ways to do this is to read William Brant’s book “13 Deadly List Building Tragedies”. (He’s good at the 13 Deadly ……. Tragedies stuff!)

What’s more, it won’t cost you anything to get it because right now he is giving it away free in return for your name and email address. Oh yes, and of course there are the usual upsells which may or may not interest you – but you can click past those if you don’t want them (they are good, mind).

Sometimes just small changes can result in big profits. So give it a whirl.

Click on the image or banner and snap it up while it’s still free.

To your online success

–Lynda H

Tools For Your Online Business

Tools For Your Online Business

Ever wondered exactly how people ‘do’ their online business? How do they do what they do? Here’s a quick list of the Top Five tools I use on my computer to do what I do online, and I’m going to list them as far as possible in order of importance….

  1. Roboform. Just about the best way I know to manage all my passwords and logins. At time of writing I have several hundred. Also a USB key version so you can take them with you to any computer.
  2. OneNote – part of the Microsoft Office Suite, but I bought mine separately through Amazon. A computerised notebook which is so versatile I think it may take years to get the hang of what it can do. I have my systems eg affiliate marketing, article marketing, blogging, set out in categories and within those a separate folder for each program. A also write my ebooks using OneNote because I can move chapters around, add screenshots etc so easily. I’m sure I could learn to do much more with OneNote – when I have time. I do use paper notebooks too – lots of them.
  3. Ashampoo Magical Snap. I use two monitors at the moment (need three). Magical Snap lets me take images of parts of a web page or it will scroll through a whole page and copy the lot. I can then paste into any other program, OneNote being ideal, or print it out. With OneNote it’s indispensable.
  4. Googlemail. I’m thinking of actually paying for GoogleApps as I think the email in their is better still, but GoogleMail (mine is the original Gmail) lets me have mail from all of my domains come in to one place. Having linked my e-addresses, i can also send from the relevant domain too. The downside is that on outgoing messages it still shows my gmail address which is not very professional – hence my looking at GoogleApps.
  5. So what will I bring in as no. 5? Has to be something I can’t work without. Eudora email was going to be my choice for this position, but if I move to GoogleApps then it’s out of the running. I do think it’s the best email program I’ve ever used. It’s latest Mozilla incarnation is not as good. So I suppose no 5 will have to be the Firefox browser. I have used a tabbed browser for years, as soon as I discovered CrazyBrowser – which sat on top of Internet Explorer. I moved to IE8 pro but have had so many issues with images not showing that I gave in and took up with Firefox. I love the plugins you can get (although for a couple of things I have had to rummage quite hard to find them).

Summary with links for more info:

no 1 – Roboform – offers a trial version
RoboForm: Learn more...
[Update: LastPass is a Free password manager add-on for Firefox which works with other browsers.]

no 2 – MS OneNote – I bought mine from Amazon

no 3 – Magical Snap also has a trial version

[Update: pixlr Grabber is a free Firefox add-in – does almost the same]

no 4 – GoogleMail US or GoogleMail UK

no 5 – Firefox – free as you know

So, there are my top five. What are yours?

Please leave a comment and let me and my other reader know what your favourite programs are.

All the best