Site Organization With Subdomains

Promotion Tip: Site Organization With Subdomains

[I’ve just brought this article over from my other blog – – where I am changing the theme etc. It was first posted in November 2008.]

I was moved to pop on here today when I found this amazing site –

Some of the things I have been doing since I last wrote in here included reading as much as possible about SEO – Site Engine Optimisation. I’ve not only been reading Brad Callens SEO Mindset, but viewing online videos too. All very interesting and extremely useful, if somewhat technical.

In the middle of last night I decided I would think about setting up subdomains on my main website – (still a work in progress, BTW) – but I just wanted to double-check that I understood what they were all about and made sure it wanted to go ahead.

For example, instead of having as my Blog URL, it could be I can have as many subdomains in front of my main domain name as I want.

Best thing to do in these cases is pop onto Google. And that’s where I found

From reading about subdomains I then went on to all the other links that appeared in the first article. Although they have been written a few years ago, the information ties in with all the other stuff I’ve been going through.

Main tip – when adding an image, give it a descriptive ALT title too, in the form of a short sentence using one or two keywords. The Search Engines like it, but perhaps more importantly, they can be read out for unisighted people. Also, … well pop over to the NetMechanic site for yourself using the link at the top.

It’s a shame it’s doesn;t appear to be active; the last entries seem to be 2005 in the sections I was using – but perhaps they’ve relocated to another URL (and their latest copyright is 2007).

And what about subdomains. Well, yes, I think they may be very useful. Although every subdomain can be treated as a whole site in its own right, ie they can have a similar style to other pages on the domain, they must not have exactly the same home page. The logo and style can be similar, but the content itself must be completely different other wise the Search Engines will block them. On the plus side though, they can be added as entities in their own right, so if they all interlink that would be a brilliant way to implement everything I’ve been reading about!

That’s all for today.


PS Here are the links resulting from my recent cyber-education trip:

SEOelite – for everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Mindset – I don’t know if the offer is still available, but I paid a very small shipping charge and got a 130 page manual in the post and one month free membership to SEOelite.

Warrior Forum – from here I was able to get to see Chad Kimbal’s Domain Tweak system for just over £3.25 and that IS clever! (Look in special offers.)

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