JohnnysIdeas and Passwords

I’ve just come across this fascinating site called JohnnysIdeas. It’s a free ‘Creative Idea Consulting Website’ – but looks as if he doesn’t mind accepting a donations if what he comes up with is useful. I think this could be a very useful little resource.

I found the site after I had visited Paula Brett’s Blog – she was explaining all about RSS feeds and this hit a nerve for me. I’ve just started using Squidoo and I hadn’t quite worked out how to set it up for RSS. You can see what she has written here. Paula has loads of really useful information in her Blog – hopefully I will too sometime.

My Squidoo Lens (their word for an article) is about the Best Way to Manage Passwords. I won’t re-write it all again, so here’s where it is. I’ve been many years working with computers and it sometimes fills me with terror when I see how careless intelligent people are with their passwords. I can understand new users getting it wrong as there’s lots to learn – but old hands really should know better!

More importantly is the need to find a secure way to look after all the passwords we need – and – to fill in all the different logins. Anyway, my lens describes a bit more, or if you want to know the answer now, then pop along to this site (and no, I’m not going to tell you here!)

So, it just goes to show how one thing can lead to another when you’re surfing (and potentially distract us from the job in hand – so back to my ebook writing it is).

Gxis la revido