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SEO on Blogs | BudURL Link Cloaking

SEO on Blogs

Just seen a really interesting short video by Cory Creed about ‘SEO on Blogs’ on Tim’s Red Vw Bus Blog. I’ll not mention more now, but here’s the link: Click HERE.

I’ve learnt a lot about SEO in the last few months, to the point where I’m quite comfortable with it and don’t have to think too much – but it never hurts to check I’m doing the right things especially where SEO on Blogs goes (I have more than one).

One of the best resources I’ve found, and am a member of, is SEO Elite. Loads and loads of tutorials, videos etc. Take a look for yourself:

Brad Callen has done a marvellous job with this, and it looks like I’m going to be a member for a long time still! (But don’t forget to check that SEO on Blogs video.)


You’ll notice in my SEO on Blogs post, that I used a very short link to SEO Elite. Much neater than the alternative –

I could have put it in a text link like this, of course, but I wanted to demonstrate the various options.

There’s also anchor text which comes out LIKE THIS

The upshot is that I’m using BudURL Link Cloaking (which is said as ‘Bud Your Url’). This amazing little program is so quick and neat! Just the free program is worth having, but I am trialling the $4 per month level – which shows me a graph, pie-chart and real time clicks all within my BudURL link cloaking dashboard.

It’s taken me a while to fully utilise link cloaking. My first priority was to get some money coming in, but I soon realised that I do need to know where it’s come from. There are lots of free cloaking programs, but most of them have their own ads at the top of my pages – which I don’t like. BudURL link cloaking doesn’t do that.

What’s really interesting is to use ‘Clickstream’ and not only see that people are clicking through Tweets I put up several days ago, but also where they are clicking from. As I say, it is very clever.

(So now I’m going to publish this post and watch ‘Clickstream’ to see how quickly people click through to this page. So cool!)

Check it out for yourself.

— L