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How To Get Free Backlinks

How To Get Free Backlinks

I have a fantastic find for you to look at today….

But first let me ask you a question…

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get
swarms of traffic to their sites for free?

You may have been told it’s all about ranking high
on search engines such as Google and that in turn
depends on getting backlinks.

Yeah, right! How’s the ordinary person supposed
to understand any of this?

Haven’t you ever wished someone would simplify all
this for you so that you just have a to click a few

Well today I want to recommend a script to you that
does just that.

Yes, it’s true you can just install the script, paste
in your website address and press some buttons.

That’s it.

Oh, and there are also two upgraded versions available
so watch out for the customise your order page!

These give you massive additional benefits:

  • You can add your own name and website link to the
    script and give it away or sell it.
  • When people install the script on their sites you
    then get additional backlinks to your site and also
  • There’s one more benefit as well – your
    Affiliate ID is stored in the script so you get
    commission on any sales of the upgraded scripts
    made when someone clicks on your links (including
    links in the scripts you gave away!)

This is a very viral system and once you start it
the links, traffic and commissions grow almost by
themselves. (Actually via other people doing the
work for you but you get the idea.)

I can highly recommend you grab a copy of this script
while it’s FREE.


Lynda Hill

P.S. – The script is totally FREE- so you
can grab it and start benefiting today.

Splash Pages v. Squeeze Pages

Splash Pages versus Squeeze Pages

I’ve recently blogged about Squeeze pages – the short and sweet webpage you would use for getting someone’s name and email address. Now I’m going to write a little about SPLASH PAGES.

Here’s sample SQUEEZE page:


and here’s a sample SPLASH page:

sample splash page 1

(these images won’t work, btw, I’ve deliberately left out the links.)

Notice the difference?

The SQUEEZE page has a section for someone to leave their name and email address; the splash page doesn’t. Actually, they can both be for exactly the same product – but they serve a different purpose.

You can use a SQUEEZE page anywhere (it’s also called a LANDING PAGE and an OPT-IN PAGE). You would use a SPLASH page mainly in Traffic Exchanges where people are surfing very fast and you barely have 5 seconds to grab their attention. You need the page to load really fast too. You just want them to click on the image (the whole thing is a link) and go to your sales page where they can find out more information.

You would also want to set your splash page up so that it opens in a new window. That way, they can keep surfing and your main webpage is sitting waiting for them when they finish. That’s certainly what I do when I’m surfing for traffic.

The basic elements of every successful splash page are the same:

1. To make a strong visual impact

2. To get to the point quickly

3. To brand yourself  – with a company logo or personal photo

4. To give the surfer a clear ‘call to action’ – they simply need to click the image!

So, there you are!

To your success

— LyndaH

PS  If you are happy with html then you can easily run up splash pages for yourself; however, if you appreciate the easy life, why not grab a subscription to Splash Page Maker. You can get a free report too – just click HERE or on the banner below.