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[Please read this in conjunction with my pages about using traffic exchanges.]

• To get in touch with new subscribers instantly when they have clicked your link.

• To keep in touch with them and other prospects to keep them informed about your products and business

• To maintain contact with customers – people who have bought your product or signed up in your downline.


Without doubt TRAFFICWAVE, because of the way it works. Not only does it provide an autoresponder, but has other tools and resources which you MUST HAVE to run your business efficiently:

• Autoresponder

• Ad tracking system

• Your own FFA ad site

• BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is how you will really make money using an autoresponder like TrafficWave. Yes, you may well be promoting other products, and you can set up autoresponder campaigns for all of them, but TrafficWave has the potential to pay you in a phenomenal way for building a downline with them, which is THE reason why it is such a good program to be part of.

Now, that’s all well and good, but how do you build your downline of people who need an autoresponder and also have the vision to see the potential of the TraffiWave affiliate system?

You sign up through the OceanSwell system. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH TrafficWave DIRECTLY – you will lose out!

There are many people out there promoting OceanSwell, but me, I’d go with Team Atlantis every time. Directly under Rusty Shelton OceanSwell’s founder, Didi Wargo is doing a fantastic job of not only getting people to Tsunami level in the TrafficWave affiliate system, but also making sure they stay there. Being at Tsunami means you reap the full benefits of the system – loads of regular commissions!


It isn’t going to happen overnight!

Let me repeat that in big, red letters:


Any lasting success takes time, and yours is no different. You need to put in sustained effort and be tenacious – keep at it. Don’t be distracted by other things – the next big porgram offering overnight riches. All these things take time and yes, one morning you may wake up to find you have a nice big commission landed in your bank account – but you will have worked hard for many months to get it.

Moving forward.


You sign up for TrafficWave through a Team Atlantis member link, here’s mine: CLICK HERE (If you already have a TrafficWave account you need to open another one and YOU MUST use a different payment provider. You do not need to lose the downline you have in your 1st account – we are not here to steal people. I have 2 TW accounts myself.)


Upgrade immediately in TrafficWave. Unless you do this this you can’t go into the rotator. This is the first rung of the ladder to your success.

Once you have signed up and been connected with Team Atlantis (through your sponsor), then you have some commitments to fulfil. There are no free lunches here:

• Surf for the team using the URLs Didi gives you

• Do MORE than the basic minimum EVERY DAY

• Be patient – it may be 3 or 4 months before you see any growth – possibly more, maybe less.

The time it takes depends on the market at the time (eg things slow down at certain times of year), how well every one else is surfing and your continued promotion so that you stay on the ladder. You just need to hang in there because IT WILL HAPPEN.

Eventually you will see your name appear at the bottom of the list Didi puts out in her updates. Then, suddenly you will find yourself as the featured member. Within a couple of days, perhaps just hours (took me just 6 hours), you will have your first 3 downline. As long as they upgrade, these 3 will cover your monthly TrafficWave fee.

Then you will move through the Team Atlantis system to get to Tsunami level. The second rotator gets you another 3 downline, from that you will have ‘graduated’ and go on to a 3rd rotator which will get you to that lovely Tsunami level in TraficWave – 10 active members in your direct downline – you will have more, but they will be someone else’s immediate downline although you still benefit from having them there.

In the event (stuff happens) that people drop out and you fall below 10 active sponsored-by-you members, then you just need to let Didi know and she will put you onto a 4th rotator to get you back up to 10 again as quickly as possible.

Can it really be this simple?

Yes – it is. Set it up and surf. That’s really all you need to do. We are all here to help.

Are you ready to get started? Or are you going to sit and think about it for another month and lose the place on the rotator that is waiting just for you – another month of doing nothing and getting nowhere fast.

Come on – join me in this and let’s get successful together


Four must-have traffic exchange tools

Four must-have traffic exchange tools

If you are advertising in traffic exchanges, you MUST use —

1.  SPLASH /SQUEEZE PAGES – here are my favourite page design programs

  • Site Rubix – excellent WYSIWYG designing and straightforward uploading to your site by in-built FTP. There’s so much more to this than the page-building though, so it may be overkill for you right now. But it is definitely top of my list and something I can’t do without. Requires a monthly membership fee as it is part of Wealthy Affiliate University – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
  • Instant Squeeze Page Generator – “takes the hard work of designing a professional squeeze page or Lead Capture page and makes it so easy a baby could do it. If you can point and click, you will be creating squeeze pages in minutes”. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
  • Instant MLM Squeeze Pages – not just for MLM programs, this one’s a bit different as the pages are 90% ready for you. You can add your main program as a link. Interesting concept and fantastic videos telling you all you need to know about desiging squeeze pages if you want to do your own. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
  • Lots of the traffic exchanges have splash page builders available to members – really easy to use and you get to promote that TE as well.
  • Online free for ad hoc use – can be found through online search. You will want to host these yourself though.

2.   Rotators for your splash or squeeze pages – these also have tools to help you track your ad campaigns, so they are really essential. Here are the ones I use:

3.  Banners – here are my favourite banner design programs:

4.  Rotators for your banners – here are the ones I use:

Why the splash / squeeze pages? – see my articles here and here

…and make sure you have read my Squidoo lens – here

Why use rotators? – see here (you will need to scroll down the page a bit)

Why use banners? – Why not? You will be given credits (impressions) for them, so you may as well use them. In some traffic exchanges they are free too.

Why have rotators for banners? – see here (same link as above)

You can find the top traffic exchanges to use in AFFILIATE FUNNEL and TRAFFICHOOPLA. Both have free basic memberships and use a variety of methods to rank the hit exchanges. Well worth a look.

If you are looking for programs to promote you will find some of what I am doing here in my blog, but I must admit that my favourites are MY INSTANT BIZ and TRAFFIC EXCHANGE PROFITS/ONLINE BUSINESS ALLIANCE. Great systems and top-class support in these two.

All of the above recommendations have basic FREE membership options  and some are just there for you to use as and when without signing up. Or you may decide you would like to upgrade and receive even more benefits; I have upgraded in some, but not all of them.

To your success
— Lynda H

For a package which includes many of the above, you may like to look at Affiliate Funnel (basic level is free) – click here to visit Affiliate Funnel

Do Traffic Exchanges work?

Do Traffic Exchanges work?

Unfortunately for a large portion of traffic exchange users the answer to that question is no. The problem is though, that it’s not the exchanges’ fault. It’s not even the fault of the member.

You see most people are turned on to traffic exchanges by an upline member or the admin of some site or program that is going around the internet.

I know that is how I found them.

When they are introduced to them, people are told all you have to do is put your affiliate link in and start clicking and you will be rich in a matter of days.

This is a big mistake, actually it is more than that, it is a tragedy.

It’s a tragedy, because that person is not going to get the results from traffic exchanges that were promised and will soon move on from them.

They will say traffic exchanges don’t work, that TEs make huge promises that they can’t keep, when in reality it was an outside program that made those promises.

There is hope though, if you avoid making just the above mistake you could join the thousands that answer ‘Yes’ whenever they are asked if TE’s work.

There is a growing group of people that use traffic exchanges exclusively to build their business.

William Brant is one of those people and he is tired of others saying that the exchanges don’t work. He has broken down the most common mistakes that people make, mistakes that are keeping them from being successful, and written a report on how to identify and avoid them.

Before you answer no to whether or not exchanges work, make sure you read this report and see how easy it is to be able to say yes.

==>> Thirteen Deadly Traffic Exchange Tragedies

To your Success

— LyndaH