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Useful Internet Biz Tools Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Useful Internet Biz Tools Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Yes, I know it has been a very long time since I last posted anything in here. The trouble is, sometimes life runs away with you, sends over a few curve balls and… Well. I’m sure you know. Anyway, here I am again.

So, what’s this post all about?

I was doing some research related to – research. But not online business stuff, no, this was about formatting dissertations, writing up reference lists – educational sorts of things, when I came across a very interesting site called ‘Neils Tool Box‘. And he has some fascinating stuff in there – and not a price to be found!

There’s stuff for students, stuff for business and all free to use (he says so on the home page). There’s also a free stuff section. (Can’t quite work that one out yet, but what the heck.) If you write articles, want to write your first ebook (choose Kindle, by the way, it’s the best platform), research whatever, this looks like a great place to work from.

Neils Toolbox image

Anyway, want to write faster? Use the Speed Writer. Into ClickBank? – there’s a commission calculator. There’s a great one called Lazy Researcher – go check it out. And lots more. I can see me popping over to Neil’s a lot from now on.

I decided to write this post just after I found ‘Neils Tool Box‘ as I was so thrilled to find it. It just goes to show that there’s lots of non-online business stuff around which is very relevant to online biz. Pop over there and see what else you can find.

Three cheers to Neil!

I hope to be back here again very soon.




PPC Web Spy – One of those MUST HAVE tools

PPC Web Spy – One of those MUST HAVE tools

[I’ve just brought this article over from my other blog – – where I am changing the theme etc. It was first posted in January 2009.]

Really, if you do any kind of affiliate marketing, then you MUST, MUST, MUST get PPC Web Spy.

ppc web spy image

This little tool, which needs Firefox BTW, let’s you see the keywords while you are browsing. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, I’m so excited about PPC Web Spy that I’m off to do a Squidoo lens right now!

The standard tool is free, but when you see the one time offer to upgrade to Platinum, you won’t want to by-pass it.

If I have any doubts, it is how effective this tool will be once everyone is using it – so why wait? Jump on board now – it’s all legal, decent and honest – and as it’s free, pass it round.



PS   Hint: Take the PPC Web Spy OTO!

Make Money From Your Photos

Credit crunch times
These days everyone seems to have a digital camera. There are even really good quality ones on cellphones. In these ‘credit crunch’ times, it makes sense to seriously consider how YOU can make money from your photos.

But anyone can take a photograph!
Yes, anyone can take a picture. But not everyone can take a good picture. But you don’t need to be another David Bailey to take a really good shot. If you’re taking photos for pleasure, as a reminder of a special day out, it’s sufficient to have an inexpensive camera which doesn’t have a massively high resolution.

Photos which you want to use on eBay are perfectly OK using a 3mp (megapixel) setting. I have a 10mp camera but pop it down to 3mp when I take my eBay pics.

Likewise, if you only want to print a picture the size of the small paper photos your Mom and Dad delighted in showing to everyone every Christmas, then you don’t need to buy an expensive camera.

However, if you want to make money from your photos you do need to spend a bit more. Photos which you want to sell need to be of the best quality; which means having a camera with a high quality lens and more than 6 megapixels resolution’. (For a detailed explanation of ‘megapixel’ see this Wikipedia page –

How Can You Make Money From Your Photos?
The basic idea is that you submit your pictures to specialist websites from which people pay to download them for their own purposes. In effect you could have a single photograph downloaded by many different people – and every time you get paid.

There are other ways to make money from your photos – the most obvious is probably being the official photographer at weddings. But there are still lots of people out there who don’t have the equipment, time or knowledge to take even the most basic of pictures, for example, to advertise their car, or realtors needing photos of the houses they are selling. There are lots of possibilities.

Learn How To Take Good Photographs
If you are not already ‘in’ to photography, then you need to learn. You may even want to take an evening class.

It is more than point and click. You need to learn the techniques which will make your photos desirable. And then you need to know how to go about selling them. You must also think about the type of digital camera you need and if you need to buy one, how much you are prepared to pay.

The All In One System To Make Money From Your Photos

I was looking through my files of information products today when I came across one called ‘Camera Dollars’. I’d bought this last year as I knew I was going to be made redundant and wanted to investigate the various options open to me. Whilst I have not gone into photography in a big way, choosing rather to take a different path, the downloadable ebooks which come with this system are extremely good at providing virtually all of the information you need to establish your own photography business.

Aimed primarily at the US market – it lists lots of off-line companies most of which are in the USA –  nevertheless the techniques and ideas are just as valid for any country. The internet sites which sell photos for you are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The Camera Dollars system costs $39.97 as I write, and comes as two manuals in zipped files which you download to your computer. One manual covers all of the technical aspects (and more), the other explains how you can get commissions by taking pictures of local vehicles for sale – a complete business system in itself.

Then there are the bonuses. As these may change from time to time, I’m not going to list them here – but be assured they are very good! But I will tell you that right now one of the bonuses is a Digital Photography Guide for Newbies.

There are also long lists of resources – sites that will pay for your photos, free income generating bonuses, and a huge list of sites that will pay you for ‘field servicing’.

When you go to the website to find out more (CLICK HERE) you are given the opportunity to sign up for a free enewsletter of weekly money-making tips. I recommend you do this.

All you need is a digital camera & internet access to get started. Even if you have never taken a photograph with a digital camera before, you can make lots of money from your photos if you just find out how.

The Camera Dollars system costs a one-time fee of $39.97 and you can see more details and order it HERE.  Please be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Free Web 2.0 Graphics and Free URL cloaker

Yes, I was a bit sceptical too, when I saw that. But it’s true – you can get masses of free graphics from

Many of us want to build our own sites but lack the resources to do it really well. Having graphics which stand out from most other sites is essential.

Daniel Viega seems to have lots of great stuff. Yes, when you sign up for the freebies you are taken to two more pages where you are asked to buy some more excellent packages – but if you don’t need those just yet – and can resist temptation, you can scroll down to the bottom and still get through to the free page.

There’s no harm in these upsells; that’s how they make their money. Right now I genuinely do not have a need for more than the basic package.

However, it did lead to something else that I am interested in – how to ‘cloak’ my affiliate urls.

Clickbank is great for affiliate programs which is one of the major strings on my bow, but the ‘hoplink’ is something which can be so easily changed by anyone who knows how, that disguising my affiliate URLs is essential.

Daniel’s free graphics package has a link to My Link Guard by Richard Legg. I’ve literally only just picked this up – again it’s free – so I haven’t even started to use it, but I understand a bit about how it works. To be honest, I think you can do this without a special program, but need some sort of web programming knowledge, which I don’t have – yet. So I’m happy to recommend it as it’s free.

So today’s treat – two free programs for you.


Gxis la revido

Affiliate Programs (or ProgramMEs if you’re in the UK!)

I’ve been a bit busy. Late August Bank Holiday weekend saw us laying a concrete floor to extend our kitchen. Looks good too. Anyway, back to business.

As you probably know, Affiliates can earn a very useful, if not amazing, income. The problem I’ve always had is knowing how best to get going and integrate everything into a smooth, well-oiled marketing machine. It’s why I decided to take a different direction and instead go with John Thornhill’s Powerseller Challenge

and Coaching program rather than keep trying affiliate marketing without a plan. However, I can now see a way of doing both.To cut a long story short, I’ve come across what I think is a truly amazing site which covers everything – and I mean everything – and more, to do with Affiliate Marketing. It’s called the Wealthy Affiliate University
and rather than re-invent the wheel and explain it all here, I urge you to click the link and go straight over to have a look.

They set out the whole process so simply that even I have no trouble in setting everything up – and it’s not even my main internet marketing activity.

until next time


PS If you’re wondering why I’ve put the full URLs in above, it’s because WordPress has thrown a wobbly and won’t let me add a hyperlink. Joy!

Now, what about that sales letter?!!

Review of SalesLetterABC.

There seem to be hundreds of ebooks and courses on copywriting available these days, which is hardly surprising considering that it’s one of the most important elements of a website.

Without good copy it wouldn’t matter how many visitors a site had – it needs to sell to those visitors.
Yet it’s also one of the most costly considerations for anyone setting up a site, and one of the most neglected… usually due to either the overall high cost involved in hiring a professional copywriter, or to the confusion that reigns supreme when one attempts to learn the art of writing good copy from the many ebooks and courses one can buy.

So does SalesLetter ABC add to the confusion – or is it a product worth consideration?

Here’s what I think.
At just 33 pages – it’s probably one of the shorter products in the field of teaching copywriting. So at first I wondered if it did actually include everything you need to know to create a good sales letter.

It includes a template which can be used as a guide to copy and paste your own content. This does present an advantage for many who don’t really know where to start, as it’s a simple task to replace the headline with your own and the next section with your own etc. right down to the P.S.’s at the end.

In the report each section of the 10 Steps is detailed with a guide on what should be there.
One of the things I do like about the descriptions is the fact that in each does explain in simple English exactly what should be written and why, yet without the usual 10 pages of detailed analysis that many seem to incorporate.

If anything one of the complaints I’ve always had with most copy courses – is that they are written by copywriters for copywriters. SalesLetterABC does seem to be written FOR the average marketer. It teaches the basics but without the required degree in psychology that many assume you have!

In the section “Further Tips & Recommendations” I found some common sense, and to a degree, obvious tips, but also some very useful comments that help a great deal for anyone who would otherwise struggle to get started and achieve any kind of structured input.

The first 10 sections of the ebook are also extremely useful for anyone starting out, and they cover some of the basics that the professionals take for granted – yet mean little if anything to the novice. What I liked about them was the simplicity of explanations.

No in-depth analysis – just the answers to the questions like which fonts to use, what colours work best, etc.

That to me is the strength of the whole product… the simplicity.
It tells you what you need to know, how to do the job, and what things to incorporate to get the best results. But without all the page after page of confusing statistics!

To cram the 10 sections of the template plus another 12 sections of tips, advice and much needed information, into just 33 pages, shows that it’s all meat and no fluff!

I believe anyone wanting to get started writing their own sales letters would do well to invest in this product and learn from it.
I’m sure they would accomplish the task of completing a sales letter of their own with far more ease than if they had purchased many other products of considerably higher cost.

So it’s a two thumbs up for SalesLetterABC.

Check it out at…

I highly recommend it.

until later..