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Internet Goals for 2009 Group Writing Project

Internet Goals for 2009 Group Writing Project

Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips is running another internet goals project this year. He’s inviting bloggers to submit their internet biz goals for 2009 to his blog via a comment and then on 17th December he will write a post with all the entries.

Setting goals has always been a problem for me. Not sure if it’s normal to be like this, or a national (British) trait. Perhaps having been disapointed in the past, I’m loathe to even think about goals. But of late I have been prompted to put some down. So, for my blog readers and myself – and the project – here are my internet biz goals for 2009.

1. Very soon (ie by beginning of January 2009 – to achieve regular sales of $100 per day every day. (All sources.) By mid March $300-$500 per day.

2. Finally get the niche thing sorted – I never know what to choose. (Help is on the way though – here.)

2. Maintain two high quality blogs posting at least three times a week to both.

3. Write and submit at least 2 of my own articles per day to two or more of the following – article directories (Goarticles, ezinearticles, affsphere), squidoo, hubpages, USfreeads etc.

4. Every month from now – set up 2 review websites and 5-10 minisites in 5-10 niches.

5. Set up full and complete autoresponder campaigns to go with the above sites.

6. Together with the above to carry on studying and using the resources I already have to their fullest. (I find Wealthy Affiliate University to be about the best, but there are others such as BecomeABlogger, Affilorama and SEO Elite which I also find extremely useful all the time). I’ve learnt so much from all of these in the 3-4 months I’ve been internet bizzing. Daily Blog Tips is very new to me – and it’s excellent too.

7. By mid 2009 – May/June -help my kids pay off their debts. Set up monetised blogs and websites for them, for example.

8. By end 2009 – my husband no longer needs to go to work (unless he wants to).

9. Long term – must be – to pay off the mortgage.

Now, I’m off to get started making it happen!