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How To Create Top Quality Web Graphics

How To Create Top Quality Web Graphics

Hello fellow marketer

Are you like me and struggling with how to create
top-quality web graphics to promote your latest and
greatest product?

You know that you need top quality design templates
to use, but if like me, you don’t have that creative
flair, then it can be difficult and whatever you do looks
a old-fashioned and mundane.

The AdKreator system was designed for everyone, from
the greenest Internet Marketer to the List Building
Expert.  AdKreator even hosts all your work on their
blazing fast server!

AdKreator makes you feel like a professional designer.
That’s not marketing fluff, I challenge you to see it
for yourself!!

You really don’t need to read the rest of this email.
If you understand the power of this idea, you would
click this link and put the AdKreator system to the
test today.

AdKreator – ->> CLICK HERE

* You know the Secrets to Advertising Success and
AdKreator Delivers! Industry experts always push three
key points for advertising in Traffic Exchanges…


Wow, how many times have you heard the money is in
the list? Now how many times have those same people
told you just use a system and you’ll have a massive
list only to find out 3,000 other people are using
their same exact looking squeezepages?

adKreator’s got you covered!

You can now use their system and “secret design
weapon” to get skyrocketed results. Not only can you
design custom looking pages, Justin has included a
unique drag and drop opt-in form tool.

No longer are you stuck with a boring generic squeezepage
that forces you to have an optin box in a certain spot.
Just enter your auto responder code, drag & drop and WHAM!

A one of a kind, fully hosted squeezepage you can start
using immediately!


You have to get your name and your photo out there. I’ve
used templates and other services only to get the same
looking page as everyone else using them.

You’d have to be a designer to make those products and
in some cases you can’t do anything to standout other
then adding your picture and name.

Justin has made it so simple to stand out in a crowd. I
had full control of where I wanted my photo, name and
content. It was so easy I ‘kreated’ my first, fully hosted
splashpage within the first 5 minutes of using the system!


With AdKreator you can start with a professionally
designed template, add your own custom images or use
the ones included inside the designer. You don’t have
to download an add-on graphics package just re-upload
them into your design.

The best part is all the images they provide have
transparent backgrounds. This really made a huge
difference to me.

* You don’t need a four-year degree or four-figure
software to kreate! AdKreator allows anyone to be a
designer and kreate top-quality promotions. If you
can navigate the web, point, click, drag & drop you
have what it takes.

* In addition, the service is run over the internet.
You will be able to log on and ‘kreate’ from any internet
enabled computer without the worry of bulky or confusing
software to install.

* No need to start with a blank slate. This is single
biggest stumbling block people face with doing their
own advertising. Designing from scratch is a talent.
Why do you think good designers are so expensive?

* AdKreator gives you that design jump start with it’s
professionally designed templates in various shapes,
sizes, and concepts.

Now, here’s something which is hard to find out
before you register. Me, I like to be up-front about how
much things cost. The free level lets you have 1 page
design with hosting. Upgrade at $14.97 per month
for unlimited number of designs with hosting.

I don’t want you to just take my word, though. The
best way to experience the power and ease of this
system is to just do it!

Go ahead and CLICK HERE to find out more.

— Lynda H

P.S. WARNING – AdKreator is highly addictive!! I’ve
been using it all day!

Website Graphics – Copy And Paste Graphics

Website Graphics – Copy And Paste Graphics

This is what I just twittered about:

I’m writing today because I want to share an amazing product that’s made my products sell like crazy!

Nope…it’s not because I had my salescopy redone.
Nope…it’s not because I had JV’s promoting my site.
Nope…it’s not because I used another whiz-bang software that claims to give you a ton of traffic…

Guessed what it is yet?

It’s the brand spankin’ new “CopyAndPasteGraphics” Volume 2!

This package contains a mother-load, a ship-container load, a universe-load worth of graphics that will make your websites sexy, spicy and most of all profit-pulling.

I know you’re busy, so in a nutshell, here’s just a touch of what you’ll get in this amazing graphics package:

* 390 professionally made buttons,
* 70 bullets & arrows,
* 20 seals & badges,
* 10 “animated” order buttons

* And many more graphics that can help beautify your sales pages and increase your conversion rates through
the roof!

Click Here To See Exactly What I’m So Excited About!

All the best

— L

Shark Frenzy Graphics – Easy Squeeze Pages

Shark Frenzy Graphics – Easy Squeeze Pages

If you are using traffic exchanges, safelists or any other type of advertising online, then you know how important it is to build a list.

You’ve heard it probably a million times – the money is in the list.

Well, if you’re going to build one, you need the right tools to do it, and this is where Shark Frenzy Graphics Squeeze Pages comes in.

shark frenzy graphics image

Shark Frenzy Graphics

Yes, you can use any old boring squeeze page and you will eventually get some subscribers if your headline and copy are good.

If you want to attract more eyeballs to your copy though, i’ts important for your squeeze page to stand out and look good.

That’s why when I found out that Justin Ledvina was giving away some of his best squeeze page templates for free I had to tell you about it.

Justin has been designing splash and squeeze pages for a while now. You have more than likely seen his work around – it’s almost impossible to surf anywhere and not see a page that was designed by him.

He actually had to shut down his site because he was getting too many orders and unless you were a previous client of his it was next to impossible to hire him for custom work.

These squeeze page templates are some of the best I have seen around, they are already formatted and ready to go – just add your opt-in code and some copy and wham, instant list building powerhouse.

I’m not sure how long he will be letting these go for no cost, so be sure to get a set before they are no longer available

Shark Frenzy Graphics

To your success
— L

PS  You will of course need an autoresponder to deal with all your subscribers, so mosey on down to Aweber for their free trial (they are what I use and are one of the top systems – Aweber link

PPS   Yes, you will be given some One Time Offers as you go for your freebies – but you don’t have to take them unless you want to – go to Shark Frenzy Graphics

Copywriting Project – Copywriting Video Course

Copywriting Project – Copywriting Video Course

I’ve only just found out about this, and knowing how important copywriting is to one’s business, I really want to get the word out as quickly as possible.

So here’s the heads-up.

Professional Copywriter Petros Christodoulou has just launched a magnificent video copywriting course – the Copywriting Project.

There are 12 modules:

Module 1:Getting More Response From Written Copy

Module 2: The Trial Offer

Module 3: The Refund

Module 4: Samples and Follow-Up

Module 5: Credibility

Module 6: Using The Right Language

Module 7: Learning From Successful Copywriters

Module 8: Overcoming Readers’ Objections

Module 9: Interesting, Conversational Copy

Module 10: The Lift Letter

Module 11: Using Bullets and Bulleted Lists

Module 12: Good Copywriting on The Order Page

Normally, one of his courses like this would sell for $499, but for the first 50 buyers only, he’s letting the whole course go for just $97! That’s over $400 off! This is an offer not to be missed, but you must be quick.

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In The Copywriting Project Video Course!

Oh and he’s offering a 60 day satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee.

Click Here For More Info!