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How To Start a Blog – Step By Step Guide

Someone wrote to me the other day praising my blog, and giving me a link to his site in which he sets out how to create a blog. It is very good. He even gives advice on how to choose your domain name.

Well worth reading even if you are a seasoned blogger, but especially if you want to get started and haven’t a clue. We’ve all been there.

Anyway, pop over to Robert Mening’s page –


Commission Bot Special Review

Commission Bot Special Review

Most of the reviews I found were just plugging the program, not necessarily giving it an objective review. So, I called this ‘Commission Bot Special Review’ because I think what I am writing is special – and I have to attract your attention somehow!

First off. I presume you are reading this because you want to know if Commission Bot is any good. The sales video is exceedingly long – which is an understatement. If you haven’t been able to watch it all, I suggest you do. Most is filler, but some of it is useful. Overlong nevertheless, in my opinion. Sorry, but I didn’t check the time – must be at least 30 minutes though.

Rasheed Ali comes across as a good guy, even though it’s an actor’s voice.

If you do decide to buy, go to the website and – close the tab. Yes, really! You will get a $10 discount straightaway as long as you click ‘stay on page’. (I do this all the time. Copy the url for those rare occasions when it doesn’t happen, but most times it does – sometimes you have to do 2 or more ‘exits’ but you will get the best deal possible.)

Back to Commission Bot. When I saw I could get it for $37 instead of $47, with a 60-day money back promise, I gave in. I love putting up websites and blogs and if it is as easy as this, it’s a no-brainer. (I recently joined ‘Free Monthly Websites’ and Skadoogle is really good as well. There are loads more, but I get along with these especially.)

It’s only once you have joined Commission Bot that you are told you get 10 licences. There’s a One Time Offer to upgrade to Pro to get a further 50, but that’s a whopping $197 (unless you do the little trick I mention above when that will go down somewhat). The offer is still available (at time of writing) once you login.

Here’s another interesting point: these are WordPress Blogs you are going to be setting up. I like WordPress, so that’s not a problem. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY A DOMAIN FOR EACH OF THEM. You can set them up in a directory or subdomain of your existing website if you want to. I found a good article which goes into a bit more detail about this here: And yes, you can set up a WordPress Blog in sub domains.

Each Commission Bot site license allows you to install on a single root domain + unlimited sub-domains. If you close or remove a site you will lose that licence, so you need to think carefully how you will manage your licences – even if you do have the 60. It looks as if they will let you change your mind before you set the site up though.

So, the only real thing you need to concern yourself with is the niche. And that’s a whole new article! There’s lots of advice about choosing niches in the site tools. (I prefer to use long-tail, not single words, as you want buyers and not to be on page 50 of the search results.)

You get links to ClickBank and Amazon, so you need accounts set up there, but it’s all explained in the tutorials and videos.

How easy is it to use in reality?


There are some things you need to consider: it’s going to take time to research your niche. I have Keyword Winner set up on one of my blogs, and I use that for my niche research. It doesn’t look for the keywords with the highest results as too many people will be promoting those. Buy it once, set it up on one blog and use that for your research.

The articles you select for your site will need a bit of re-writing – that’s going to take time. But Commission Bot has thought of that too and has software built in to help take the strain. Very clever. There’s also an Article Writer section so you can indeed write your own from scratch – or you can outsource them. While duplication may not be a problem with Google, sites like EzineArticles are very particular so be careful if you don’t want your membership suspended (been there and got the T-shirt!).

Don’t be put off if you see that you have to set up WordPress, upload plugins, use FTP etc – it’s all explained very well and once you’ve done the first one, it becomes easier. I’m doing it all the time!

So, there you have it.

If you have found this Commission Bot Special Review helpful and are going to join, then I’d appreciate it if you would go through my link. Thanks.

PS If you want to become an affiliate of Commission Bot yourself, visit Go to the bottom of the screen.

wpLapdance Tested – quick review

wpLapdance Tested

OK, I’ll keep this short and simple.

As you probably already know, WordPress is the

#1 way to get a blog/website on the entire

internet – with over 32 Million users

Chances are that you have a WordPress

site of your own.

And even if you don’t, you know someone who does

(in which case PLEASE forward this to them)


You’ve GOT TO take a look at the crazy dude

on this video, Devon Brown!


He’s figured out a way to turn ANY WordPress

site into a CASH SPITTING ATM machine!

This has got to be one of the coolest

ideas I’ve seen in the past year!

As you go to close this blog, you will see how it

works. I’ll be honest, it took me about 10 minutes

to set up and test, as I wanted to try both options.

I also had to go and find the page I wanted to

send people to.

I chose something from PaySpree (new affiliate

network – click here),

but it could go to any url. You also need

to add the little bit of text you see in the box.

Again, this can be whatever you like, but I

happened to choose the default for now.

So, it’s really quite easy to set up and if you can

copy/paste you can do it in just a few minutes.

Does it work? You tell me.

P.S. The dude on the video is HILARIOUS…

but don’t watch the video if you’re overly

sensitive or too easily offended


Alvin Phang’s Tips To Help You Make Money Online

Tips To Help You Make Money Online

Alvin Phang is one of the world’s top Bloggers and Internet Marketers. His GatherSuccess Blog is a great site and full of really useful info too. I subscribe to his emails and hardly a day goes by without getting something from Alvin that I can use in my own online biz.

If you too would like to get some fantastic free tips, articles and other resources on internet marketing, then pop over to his Blog site GatherSuccess and find out how you too can Make Money Online..

He is organising a ‘link love’ exercise at the moment which you can also join for free. For more details just go to:

To your success

— LyndaH

Twitter Traffic – How To Use It For Your Business

Twitter Traffic – How To Use It For Your Business

I was moved to post this after two things that happened today:

1. My daughter asked me how she could best use Twitter in her new fitness business.

2. A link to this report landed in my inbox.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know
that just about everyone involved in the Internet marketing
community has been talking about how they are involved with
using Twitter in some way.

Twitter is an awesome way to build your reputation and
relationships, generate more traffic, build your lists, and
create a following of targeted readers.

The end result – you can make much more money online!

But knowing how to be “transparent” while building your
business “under the radar” is vital and is really the key
to your success using Twitter…

Just released… “Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto Exposed” where you’ll discover:

  • How Twitter Can Help Expand Your Business and How Twitter
    Works For Making Money Online
  • Red Flags You Need To Consider Immediately Before You End
    Up Wasting Hundreds Of Precious Hours Using Twitter And End
    Up With An Addiction!
  • 5 Basic Tips You Need To Know If You Are A Twitter Newbie
    To Avoid Wasting Valuable Time
  • How To Use Twitter To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog
    And Provide Valuable Targeted Content For Your Followers
  • How To Set Up Your Twitter Account Properly For YOUR
    Niche And Generate More Followers
  • How To Make Money With Your “Tweets” Using Twitter The
    Right Way And How To Avoid Annoying Your Followers
  • and needless to say, much more!

Right now there are massive swarms of traffic on Twitter
that anyone can start tapping into with this fantastic

You’ll also receive a HOT bonus report to help you drive
even MORE traffic to your website and make MORE money.

And the price can’t be beaten – this really  is a WACKY Wednesday

Now is the time to get involved if you have not already
done so. Don’t take a back seat and watch while savvy
marketers blow past you.

This is your opportunity to dominate Twitter using the same
PROVEN techniques that have generated thousands of
followers, not to mentions tens of thousands of pounds/dollars.

To Your Success

— Lynda H

SEO on Blogs | BudURL Link Cloaking

SEO on Blogs

Just seen a really interesting short video by Cory Creed about ‘SEO on Blogs’ on Tim’s Red Vw Bus Blog. I’ll not mention more now, but here’s the link: Click HERE.

I’ve learnt a lot about SEO in the last few months, to the point where I’m quite comfortable with it and don’t have to think too much – but it never hurts to check I’m doing the right things especially where SEO on Blogs goes (I have more than one).

One of the best resources I’ve found, and am a member of, is SEO Elite. Loads and loads of tutorials, videos etc. Take a look for yourself:

Brad Callen has done a marvellous job with this, and it looks like I’m going to be a member for a long time still! (But don’t forget to check that SEO on Blogs video.)


You’ll notice in my SEO on Blogs post, that I used a very short link to SEO Elite. Much neater than the alternative –

I could have put it in a text link like this, of course, but I wanted to demonstrate the various options.

There’s also anchor text which comes out LIKE THIS

The upshot is that I’m using BudURL Link Cloaking (which is said as ‘Bud Your Url’). This amazing little program is so quick and neat! Just the free program is worth having, but I am trialling the $4 per month level – which shows me a graph, pie-chart and real time clicks all within my BudURL link cloaking dashboard.

It’s taken me a while to fully utilise link cloaking. My first priority was to get some money coming in, but I soon realised that I do need to know where it’s come from. There are lots of free cloaking programs, but most of them have their own ads at the top of my pages – which I don’t like. BudURL link cloaking doesn’t do that.

What’s really interesting is to use ‘Clickstream’ and not only see that people are clicking through Tweets I put up several days ago, but also where they are clicking from. As I say, it is very clever.

(So now I’m going to publish this post and watch ‘Clickstream’ to see how quickly people click through to this page. So cool!)

Check it out for yourself.

— L