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Why List Building Is So Important

Why List Building Is So Important

Ever dreamed of having your own cash-producing opt-in

mailing list?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “The Money Is

In The List”…

While this is absolutely true, I also want to tell you

that an internet business CANNOT be truly profitable and

long-term without a list to support it…

In fact, and I don’t want to scare you – you could even

struggle and fail miserably online if you don’t start

building your own list – immediately.

It’s THAT serious! You need to build your list, and do it fast!

Just imagine – with your own big list…

* You’ll be able to simply send an email and make

THOUSANDS with the click of a button.

* You won’t have to pay for advertising because

your traffic will always be just one click away.

* You’ll get all kinds of joint venture deals and

be respected in your market.

Why am I telling you this? Because…

My good friend Jorge Sampson is giving away his new

“Optin Page Generator” Software and has allowed me

to tell a few of the people I know about it, it is

a $97 Value and here’s where you can download your

own copy for F*ree right now:

Click Here To Get Your FREE

to your continued success online

— Lynda H

P.S. I really don’t know how much longer this will still be F*ree,

and that’s not scare-mongering either – I really don’t. So better

not take any chances. Download your own copy of this Software

right now:


Instant Affiliate Website – I’ve Just Joined

Instant Affiliate Website – I’ve Just Joined

(Update mid Jan 2009 – I have now cancelled this subscription – but only because I had stretched myself too far and was doing too much. This is still an excellent program if you have the time to devote to it.)

Fool that I am!

I should have realised that anything Mike Filsaime offers is fraught with OTOs (One Time Offers) and masses – and I mean masses – of other programs, offers, memberships you have to click through. As well as the proverbial sign up to his magazine.


I went ahead on the basis that the end product – the FREE Instant Affiliate Website – is so sleek and clever, that it just had to be done. So, apart from the usual hiccup in that my credit card didn’t seem to be successful (I’ll check back with them asap), I’ve just spent about an hour wading through all of the above ‘offers’ (can’t call it cr*p because there are some excellent deals in there) and 90 minutes later I have the bones of my new site up and running; first blog post and all!

There’s such a lot of great information in there – already set up for me.

Go and take a look and if you have a spare couple of hours, sign up for the FREE instant website – just be prepared to fight your way through all the other deals which will be thrown at you!

CLICK HERE to go to my new site Affiliate Reviews