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Blogging Resources Here I will post recommendations, tips and ideas about Blogging. To get started, here is a link to some free online videos about Blogging – – –

Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

The information in these videos is priceless- and you can pause them as you set up your blog. Brilliant! Of course, the best way to run a blog is to have it set up on your own domain, that’s where the BecomeABlogger course comes into its own. They explain all you need to know to get started, have a great forum and lots and lots of good advice inclusing a FREE Roadmap report you can get just by giving your email address. In that you can go through to get yet another good sized document about making money from you blog the best way.


There’s a package you can purchase (don’t forget to exit from the page before you click the buy button, as you will often see a discount pop up!) called SEOPress Formula which can be found on a site with the same name – CLICK HERE


Here’s a list of some of the FREE online blogging sites where you can set up your blog very quickly. However, the downside is that at any time your site may be suspended, but they are good for starters.

BLOGGER (Gooogle’s) – or which you get to from your Google account if you have one. – this is the online version of WordPres.

LIVEJOURNAL For others just run a search in Google or Yahoo; there are lots.


If you are keen and want to combine your blog with an affiliate site for a really quick start to your online business, then take a look at my Instant Affiliate Webpage from where you can find out more information. This took me about 30 minutes to set up, but as you will see in my post dated, you have to fight your way through masses of ‘One Time Offers’ and other deals on the way! Here’s a pretty banner for it too:


Need to automate your blog posting. This can be especially useful if you have lots of blogs to manage or if you

are going to be away or offline:


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