Affiliate Marketing

You have heard about it, but exactly what is ‘Affiliate Marketing’?

Here’s a quick ‘starter’ for you:

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

In brief, affiliate marketing is a way of making money online either

  • by selling other people’s products for a commission, or
  • as a seller, also known as a ‘merchant’ or ‘vendor’, having hundreds and thousands of people all around the world working to sell your product for a commission.

Hundreds and thousands of people are making money using affiliate marketing – but there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

One of the biggest sources of products is ClickBank – there are thousands and thousands of different products available in there – all available for you to sell via your own personal hoplink. CLICK HERE to open the ClickBank main page in a new window/tab.

Another biggy is – personally I’m not too keen on the way this one works, but there are some great products in there – CLICK HERE for more info. (Be aware that Mike Filsaime, who’s system this is, has lots of ‘upsells’ – only buy if you really want to and make sure you keep very accurate logs of what you buy from Mike and when. He’s OK with refunds, but his team is very big and tends to be rather impersonal.)

Here are my top five tips to get the best out of being an affiliate marketer.

1. Understand when and where you use the marketing tools provided by the merchant. for example, you want to ‘cloak’ your hoplinks and if you are using traffic exchanges you do not want to advertise the main product sales page, but rather use a splash page. (More about this in my blog page HERE.)

2. Make sure you choose the best products – there are masses of e-books all about this, some you will need to pay for. I will put up some more information in here soon.

3. Promoting – Google Adwords works, but can be expensive. Also consider Yahoo and MSN which work in similar ways to Adwords – but be aware that you do need some funds to support your advertising and also it can cost a lot. You also need to know about SEO and KEYWORDS – so lots to learn.

4. Concentrate on one product at a time; see if it works; tweak your ads if necessary and once it’s up and running and bringing you in some money, only then move onto another product. I have made some BIG mistakes here. I spread myself too thin and ended up losing lots – be warned!

5. Look around for the best tools and resources you can afford and buy them. Yes, I have my favourites (shown below), but there are hundreds out there.

(Please also see my Affiliate Tools and Resources Page – CLICK HERE)


To become an expert then you really MUST sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate University, simply because they provide all the training you need as well as masses of tools and resources. There’s a very responsive forum too. This really is just like a university campus – but it’s all online. I was a member for over a year and I only cancelled my subscription because I felt I had picked up as much information as I possibly could in that time. Here’s the link:

OK, so this is just a start. I’ll be back soon with some more information about affiliate marketing.

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