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Who I am, where I’m at and why I’m blogging

Who I Am

My name is Lynda Hill and I live near the south coast of England near Lewes, in East Sussex. I was born near Brighton (Hove Actually – that’s a local joke, BTW) and as a family we moved several times between the two towns (now combined as the City of Brighton & Hove).

I won’t give you my exact age, but suffice it to say I’m over 50!

(I have put these details in especially, as I’m on a bit of a mission – to show how rising 60’s can get involved online.)

The rest of who I am is important too. I have a lovely husband, three fantastic kids, all now in their 20s, a dog and two cats (until May 2009 we had 3, but Joey disappeared overnight). I may put some photos of them up here sometime. (But this is a business blog!)

Where I’m ‘At’

I have worked all my life since I left school – that is apart from the few months when each of my children was born. My job has been important to me, and to every job I had I gave my all – until I became bored with it and moved on. I was in my last job for over 21 years. I was the main IT bod, did most of the tech stuff – setting up computer networks, cabling (soldering too), looking after the phone system, printers, – you name it, I did it. I had even driven big trucks when we moved offices. Every day was different as I never knew what I would need to deal with until I reached the office. And I loved it. My lifetime work philosophy can be summed up in, “If you love your job, you never have to go to work.” I loved my job.

I also gained skills in actually using software too. I designed and developed databases on more than one platform and helped colleagues and volunteers if they had software problems it’s a non-profit organisation. I also helped to produce magazines, with proofreading, physical printing, mailouts etc. but I was a true ‘Jack of all trades – and master of none.’

That was, until December 2007 when I was officially made redundant. To say I was upset was an understatement.

Various health problems, none life-threatening, but in themselves quite debilitating, led me to think seriously about starting my own online business. I had been fairly successful in eBay, but found it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do forever. I didn’t feel I had the qualifications to set up as a full-blown IT consultant, although that had been my prime responsibility in my last job.

The obvious answer was to do something online. But what?

Looking back over the past 12 months, it seems that it was round about May2008 that I came across a program called 90 Day Powerseller Challenge, by John Thornhill. I became involved with the forum and heard that John was restarting his very special coaching programme, it was just a matter of signing up really quickly before it sold out! I think I was registered within two minutes of it being launched!

John taught me a lot, but being something of a maverick, I found it hard to stick with just the one thing – even though it was very exciting etc etc. So I did the very thing I was told not to – went off on a tangent.


— more to come

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