Splash Pages v. Squeeze Pages

Splash Pages versus Squeeze Pages

I’ve recently blogged about Squeeze pages – the short and sweet webpage you would use for getting someone’s name and email address. Now I’m going to write a little about SPLASH PAGES.

Here’s sample SQUEEZE page:


and here’s a sample SPLASH page:

sample splash page 1

(these images won’t work, btw, I’ve deliberately left out the links.)

Notice the difference?

The SQUEEZE page has a section for someone to leave their name and email address; the splash page doesn’t. Actually, they can both be for exactly the same product – but they serve a different purpose.

You can use a SQUEEZE page anywhere (it’s also called a LANDING PAGE and an OPT-IN PAGE). You would use a SPLASH page mainly in Traffic Exchanges where people are surfing very fast and you barely have 5 seconds to grab their attention. You need the page to load really fast too. You just want them to click on the image (the whole thing is a link) and go to your sales page where they can find out more information.

You would also want to set your splash page up so that it opens in a new window. That way, they can keep surfing and your main webpage is sitting waiting for them when they finish. That’s certainly what I do when I’m surfing for traffic.

The basic elements of every successful splash page are the same:

1. To make a strong visual impact

2. To get to the point quickly

3. To brand yourself  – with a company logo or personal photo

4. To give the surfer a clear ‘call to action’ – they simply need to click the image!

So, there you are!

To your success

— LyndaH

PS  If you are happy with html then you can easily run up splash pages for yourself; however, if you appreciate the easy life, why not grab a subscription to Splash Page Maker. You can get a free report too – just click HERE or on the banner below.

Review of Internet Marketing Gone Wild by Justin Michie

Review of Internet Marketing Gone Wild by Justin Michie

Justin Michie has really outdone himself this time with a new free report he just released called “Internet Marketing Gone Wild”.  The methods he reveals in this report will allow anyone to make money online regardless of their experience or skill level. Even if you are a total novice with no online experienc, you’ll still be able to earn an income from the internet by following the steps that Justin outlines in his free report.

One of the money making methods outlined in the Internet Marketing Gone Wild Report shows you how to get a consistent online income just by putting in a little bit of work each day. This process builds on itself and allows you to increase your online income day after day, week after week. The best part about this method is that it requires no money to start up. In fact, you could continue this money making technique for years without spending one thin penny. All this method takes is a little bit of dedication. Justin even shows you how to up your game and take this method to the next level so you can really explode your online income. You can read more details at InternetMarketingGoneWild.com [Not an affiliate link]

I don’t want to give too much away, but another method detailed in this free report will show you a unique way to earn $100 or more an hour using outsourcing. Justin gives you step by step instructions on how to set up this very profitable method. This twist on outsourcing is so simple to implement and it can make you quite a bit of money once you get it going. The best part of this technique is that it doesn’t require a whole lot of work or a whole lot of time on your part. This is a true twist on outsourcing that I’m sure has never crossed your mind.

One more money making technique that Justin reveals actually shows how you can generate cash almost instantly. In fact, you can build a very profitable business around this one method. Many people are already doing this. If you want to get your Internet business off the ground I recommend you visit the website.
Internet Marketing Gone Wild

The Internet Marketing Gone Wild report is a great 60 plus page report with step by step plans that are easy to read and understand. Justin doesn’t fill his reports with a bunch of useless fluff. He gets straight to the point. I have seen similar reports sell for $47 to $97 and while this one easily could, it’s absolutely free. In fact, there is even a 6th bonus method included in this free report as a nice extra technique.

This report is a must-read if you are really serious about making money online. These techniques will work for anyone who follows Justin’s detailed step by step plans, but they do require that you put in some effort. These methods aren’t going to magically make you a millionaire overnight by doing nothing.

Quite frankly I’m surprised he’s giving away so much in depth information for free – you will be amazed at the Internet Marketing education you’ll receive inside these pages. If you are looking to earn some extra cash or want to learn how to build a profitable online business it’s well worth your time to check this out at InternetMarketingGoneWild

As always, I wish you success.

— Lynda H

PS  I genuinely don’t know how long this offer will be available for, so why don’t you pop over and get your own copy of 5 Ways To Make Money Online That Won’t Let You Down NOW!

Alvin Phang’s Tips To Help You Make Money Online

Tips To Help You Make Money Online

Alvin Phang is one of the world’s top Bloggers and Internet Marketers. His GatherSuccess Blog is a great site and full of really useful info too. I subscribe to his emails and hardly a day goes by without getting something from Alvin that I can use in my own online biz.

If you too would like to get some fantastic free tips, articles and other resources on internet marketing, then pop over to his Blog site GatherSuccess and find out how you too can Make Money Online..

He is organising a ‘link love’ exercise at the moment which you can also join for free. For more details just go to: http://www.gathersuccess.com/blogging-tips/more-gathersuccess-link-love

To your success

— LyndaH

Twitter Traffic – How To Use It For Your Business

Twitter Traffic – How To Use It For Your Business

I was moved to post this after two things that happened today:

1. My daughter asked me how she could best use Twitter in her new fitness business.

2. A link to this report landed in my inbox.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know
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Twitter is an awesome way to build your reputation and
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The end result – you can make much more money online!

But knowing how to be “transparent” while building your
business “under the radar” is vital and is really the key
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Just released… “Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto Exposed” where you’ll discover:

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  • 5 Basic Tips You Need To Know If You Are A Twitter Newbie
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  • How To Use Twitter To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog
    And Provide Valuable Targeted Content For Your Followers
  • How To Set Up Your Twitter Account Properly For YOUR
    Niche And Generate More Followers
  • How To Make Money With Your “Tweets” Using Twitter The
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  • and needless to say, much more!


Right now there are massive swarms of traffic on Twitter
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Now is the time to get involved if you have not already
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This is your opportunity to dominate Twitter using the same
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To Your Success

— Lynda H

Easily create a great offer with your squeeze page.

Easily create a great offer with your squeeze page.

Having a great offer that your subscriber
just must have is the final piece of the
puzzle. You need it to be something of
value that leaves them drooling.

This can be a piece of software, an
instructional video, an email series or
an ebook. The key is that it must be
something that your visitor will feel
they must have.

Now they have a reason to give you permission
to email them. More importantly, you have
given them something of value. This will
help you start the relationship.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator

ISPG offers you a wide selection of gifts
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host the gifts, they handle the download.
You only need to add a link to one of their
pages for your subscribers to be able to
download the gift.

ISPG handles everything for you. They give
you the proven template, host your page,
offer the gift and handle the download all
from a simple point and click interface.

All you need to do is create your page with
their point and click process and get
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Instant Squeeze Page Generator

Have a great day
–Lynda H

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Instant Squeeze Page Generator

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Is HTML a foreign language?

Is HTML a foreign language?

HTML is the language that makes your page show
up on your visitor’s computer. To some it seems
like a foreign language.

The great part of Instant Squeeze Page Graphics
is that you don’t need to be able to talk that
foreign language. It creates your pages but the
system does the HTML not you.

Not only does ISPG save you testing themes,
creating graphics but they make sure you don’t
need to study a new language either.

All that and at a price you can’t beat – £$00-.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator

You have joined haven’t you?

There is one more major piece to the puzzle and
that will be addressed next time.

Have a great day
— Lynda H

P.S. No graphics, no trial and error and no cost
certainly makes this a no brainer , doesn’t it?

And here’s that link for all the other free stuff as well as ISPG: