Why List Building Is So Important

Why List Building Is So Important

Ever dreamed of having your own cash-producing opt-in

mailing list?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “The Money Is

In The List”…

While this is absolutely true, I also want to tell you

that an internet business CANNOT be truly profitable and

long-term without a list to support it…

In fact, and I don’t want to scare you – you could even

struggle and fail miserably online if you don’t start

building your own list – immediately.

It’s THAT serious! You need to build your list, and do it fast!

Just imagine – with your own big list…

* You’ll be able to simply send an email and make

THOUSANDS with the click of a button.

* You won’t have to pay for advertising because

your traffic will always be just one click away.

* You’ll get all kinds of joint venture deals and

be respected in your market.

Why am I telling you this? Because…

My good friend Jorge Sampson is giving away his new

“Optin Page Generator” Software and has allowed me

to tell a few of the people I know about it, it is

a $97 Value and here’s where you can download your

own copy for F*ree right now:

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to your continued success online

— Lynda H

P.S. I really don’t know how much longer this will still be F*ree,

and that’s not scare-mongering either – I really don’t. So better

not take any chances. Download your own copy of this Software

right now:


John Thornhill Internet Marketing Masterclass

John Thornhill Internet Marketing Masterclass

On Tuesday 27 January, John Thornhill, one of the UK’s top international internet marketers, will be launching his 36 week internet Marketing Masterclass.

Seven days later he will close the doors and settle down to coach his new pupils.

John’s put up a video where he drives you from the house he lived in when he was a factory worker, to where he lives now. He explains how he went from working on a factory floor to internet superstar and how you can be trained by him and copy what he has done to become a successful internet marketer.

Pre register at: CLICK HERE

— Lynda H

PS   Last year I joined one of John’s coaching courses. It was only 13 weeks long, but was absolutely brilliant and I learnt so much. John was always available at the end of an email and intorducued me to many of the ways and means I am now using – and I’m thoroughly enjoying all my internet business activities.

Here’s the link to the John Thornhill Internet Marketing Masterclass again: CLICK HERE

You Will Also be Added to The Early Bird List And Receive The Opportunity to

Join John Thornhill’s Internet Marketing MasterClass 24 Hours Before Anyone

Else.  As Spaces Are Limited This Will Give  You The Best Chance of Securing a Slot

Remember, it closes just one week after launch, so you’d better be quick! – CLICK HERE

Are All Safelists Rubbish?

Are All Safelists Rubbish?

Have you ever tried using safelists in your advertising?
If so you have probably discovered some problems.

1. 90% of all safelists are rubbish.
2. You get a ton of emails and nobody reads your ads.
3. If they do read your ads, they aren’t buying or joining.

Sound familiar?

Well here is some news for you…

Safelist Advertising DOES Work… But Only When Done
The RIGHT Way!

Michael Cobb and Soren Jordansen have just launched
their “Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide” and they will
lead you step-by-step through the insider techniques to
effective safelist advertising.

And this is not about auto submitters and other kinds
of useless software.

It is a simple, practicle and to-the-point guide filled
with steps you can start implementing right away and it
also includes 5 great tutorial videos.

Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Generating Free
Leads And Traffic From Safelists!

Secure your copy… today!
=> http://budurl.com/muu2

Warm regards
— Lynda H

P.S. Watch out for the “Secret Upgrade” If you see it.
You’ll only get one chance to take advantage of it…
AND it’ll spike your safelist power tenfold. So, grab
the upgrade if you can – At this price it’s a no brainer.

=> http://budurl.com/muu2

Master A Niche With NicheQ From Wealthy Affiliate University

Master A Niche With NicheQ From Wealthy Affiliate University

Well, it launched on schedule on 13th January and is a fabulous addition to the Wealthy Affiliate membership resources toolkit. NicheQ. A year in the making and 100% free – as long as you are a member of WA.

In the words of Kyle and Carson, “Each NicheQ takes an industry and rips it apart,” – just for us members. Brilliant!

Each NicheQ contains:

  • -a 50+ page comprehensive industry analysis
  • -a selection of the top affiliate programs in the industry
  • -5 industry specific websites
  • -3 PLR guides (that you can use as bonuses or sell)
  • -25 articles (that you can use or sell)
  • -5000 keywords
  • -300 hot article concepts (with low competition)
  • -private forum (for each NicheQ)
  • -full support

As a member, I get to choose another niche every month, so that should give me plenty of time to study all the material and get my website up and running before I move on to the next one in a month’s time. (Mind you, I’m a bit behind right now.)

To find out more about NicheQ and Wealthy Affiliate University just click HERE.

That’s all for now.

— L

PS  I still haven’t worked out the significance of the Q!

Affiliate Espionage – A New Way to Succeed with Pay Per Click Marketing

Affiliate Espionage – A New Way to Succeed with Pay Per Click Marketing

Affiliate Espionage is the companion product to have for finding markets, researching the competition and creating keyword campaigns for your pay per click endeavours.

As a plugin for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Affiliate Espionage is very simple to install.  It makes researching keywords, competitors and markets for your pay per click campaigns many times faster and easier than many other products on the market. The reason that it makes this research a faster and easier process is that it places all the information that is needed to enter these markets within the search results page.

If you have used the Firefox plugin ‘SEO for Firefox’ to get essential page rank information or find out how many page links a website has when you conduct a search, you will have a good idea how this software would look once installed.  If you don’t already use the Mozilla Firefox browser and have this free plugin you are really missing out on an enhanced internet experience.

The essence of Affiliate Espionage is that it actually finds out for you, once you set it up, which pay per click campaigns are successful on particular selected keywords.

Once you know which pay per click ads are successful, there are all sorts of ‘essential’ data that Affiliate Espionage lays out on a plate for you, like the ad history, where you can see a summary of the ads that a particular competitor uses, and the actual keywords that they are bidding on.  That information is going to be very useful in future PPC campaigns.

Another feature that is easily adapted into your market research is that you can see whether the links that are being promoted on the pay per click ads are affiliate links.  Then the software will further break this down into whether these affiliate links are via a landing page campaign or a direct link campaign.  All of this information is going to be sucked up like a hoover on heat to make my next pay per click campaign a success, just like the successful advertisers that Affiliate Espionage has exposed to me.

Software like this sounds too good to be true, right? Affiliate Espionage is not perfect it has some negatives.

It’s only available on the Mozilla Firefox browser, which is free so it’s not really a negative, but a reason to download this browser if you have not done so already.

You can use it to generate data from Google, MSN & Yahoo, but some of the data is limited to Google.  However it’s the biggest search engine in the world, and you could apply what you learn there to other pay per click search engines.

The information that Affiliate Espionage shows is basic compared to some other market research tools.  The software shows you all the information you need to enter a market with a successful pay per click campaign, without all the additional gumph and noise that traditional research tools come with.

Overall, this product has changed my opinion of pay per click marketing for the better, as I now use pay per click campaigns as an integral part of my internet business, whereas once I was terrified of them.  This tool allows you to see success and emulate it.

Affiliate Espionage Exposes Profitable Pay Per Click Campaigns With Ease…Get Your Copy Here…

CLICK HERE — It’s only $10! (Well, actually it’s $9.97)

SEO on Blogs | BudURL Link Cloaking

SEO on Blogs

Just seen a really interesting short video by Cory Creed about ‘SEO on Blogs’ on Tim’s Red Vw Bus Blog. I’ll not mention more now, but here’s the link: Click HERE.

I’ve learnt a lot about SEO in the last few months, to the point where I’m quite comfortable with it and don’t have to think too much – but it never hurts to check I’m doing the right things especially where SEO on Blogs goes (I have more than one).

One of the best resources I’ve found, and am a member of, is SEO Elite. Loads and loads of tutorials, videos etc. Take a look for yourself: http://budurl.com/8slrs

Brad Callen has done a marvellous job with this, and it looks like I’m going to be a member for a long time still! (But don’t forget to check that SEO on Blogs video.)


You’ll notice in my SEO on Blogs post, that I used a very short link to SEO Elite. Much neater than the alternative –


I could have put it in a text link like this, of course, but I wanted to demonstrate the various options.

There’s also anchor text which comes out LIKE THIS

The upshot is that I’m using BudURL Link Cloaking (which is said as ‘Bud Your Url’). This amazing little program is so quick and neat! Just the free program is worth having, but I am trialling the $4 per month level – which shows me a graph, pie-chart and real time clicks all within my BudURL link cloaking dashboard.

It’s taken me a while to fully utilise link cloaking. My first priority was to get some money coming in, but I soon realised that I do need to know where it’s come from. There are lots of free cloaking programs, but most of them have their own ads at the top of my pages – which I don’t like. BudURL link cloaking doesn’t do that.

What’s really interesting is to use ‘Clickstream’ and not only see that people are clicking through Tweets I put up several days ago, but also where they are clicking from. As I say, it is very clever.

(So now I’m going to publish this post and watch ‘Clickstream’ to see how quickly people click through to this page. So cool!)

Check it out for yourself. BudURL.com

— L