Free Traffic Bar Beats Instant Buzz Hands Down

In My Opinion, Free Traffic Bar Beats Instant Buzz Hands Down

Free Traffic Bar and Instant Buzz are both advertising toolbars which sit just above your browser window pane showing product ads from other people. The ad changes when you open another tab.

Like standard traffic exchanges you either need to click on ads and view them for 10 to 20 seconds in order to receive a proportion of reciprocal impressions of your own ad – or you can purchase ad credits and get things moving a bit faster.

I’m not sure how effective these will be for my business, but I’m at the stage of needing to try different options which don’t cost the earth; Pay Per Click can be very expensive, so the free or low expenditure options are what I’m looking at.

Over the long Christmas weekend I had a go at setting up Instant Buzz. Do you think I could get the darn thing to work properly? It sets itself up via a Firefox add-on and was fine initially, but I couldn’t login, couldn’t get through to any meaningful support, so gave up and uninstalled it the same day. Now IB is a popular product, it seems, so it is very strange that it should be so ‘tricksy’. It’s not me or my system (I do know a lot about computers!)

Then I came across Free Traffic Bar through Dragon Surf , which in turn was from something else I was looking at – very clever this internet thingy! Dragon surf is a more of a traditional banner exchange service, but they both do much, much more than serve as banner and ad exchanges.

Free Traffic Bar has installed almost instantly and I already have two banner ads and one toolbar ad up and running. This took about half an hour, which includes the 10 minutes I took to walk my dog. The banners took 5 minutes to design in Instant Banner Creator.

Obviously it is too early to let you know if I’m making any money from this form of advertising, but it’s certainly worth a try and I recommend you go and take a look for yourself.

Here are the links:

Dragon Surf (they gave me the link to FTB)

Free Traffic Bar

OK, and you may as well have a look at Instant Buzz while you’re at it (but I’m not impressed).

All the best

— L

Website Graphics – Copy And Paste Graphics

Website Graphics – Copy And Paste Graphics

This is what I just twittered about:

I’m writing today because I want to share an amazing product that’s made my products sell like crazy!

Nope…it’s not because I had my salescopy redone.
Nope…it’s not because I had JV’s promoting my site.
Nope…it’s not because I used another whiz-bang software that claims to give you a ton of traffic…

Guessed what it is yet?

It’s the brand spankin’ new “CopyAndPasteGraphics” Volume 2!

This package contains a mother-load, a ship-container load, a universe-load worth of graphics that will make your websites sexy, spicy and most of all profit-pulling.

I know you’re busy, so in a nutshell, here’s just a touch of what you’ll get in this amazing graphics package:

* 390 professionally made buttons,
* 70 bullets & arrows,
* 20 seals & badges,
* 10 “animated” order buttons

* And many more graphics that can help beautify your sales pages and increase your conversion rates through
the roof!

Click Here To See Exactly What I’m So Excited About!

All the best

— L

Shark Frenzy Graphics – Easy Squeeze Pages

Shark Frenzy Graphics – Easy Squeeze Pages

If you are using traffic exchanges, safelists or any other type of advertising online, then you know how important it is to build a list.

You’ve heard it probably a million times – the money is in the list.

Well, if you’re going to build one, you need the right tools to do it, and this is where Shark Frenzy Graphics Squeeze Pages comes in.

shark frenzy graphics image

Shark Frenzy Graphics

Yes, you can use any old boring squeeze page and you will eventually get some subscribers if your headline and copy are good.

If you want to attract more eyeballs to your copy though, i’ts important for your squeeze page to stand out and look good.

That’s why when I found out that Justin Ledvina was giving away some of his best squeeze page templates for free I had to tell you about it.

Justin has been designing splash and squeeze pages for a while now. You have more than likely seen his work around – it’s almost impossible to surf anywhere and not see a page that was designed by him.

He actually had to shut down his site because he was getting too many orders and unless you were a previous client of his it was next to impossible to hire him for custom work.

These squeeze page templates are some of the best I have seen around, they are already formatted and ready to go – just add your opt-in code and some copy and wham, instant list building powerhouse.

I’m not sure how long he will be letting these go for no cost, so be sure to get a set before they are no longer available

Shark Frenzy Graphics

To your success
— L

PS  You will of course need an autoresponder to deal with all your subscribers, so mosey on down to Aweber for their free trial (they are what I use and are one of the top systems – Aweber link

PPS   Yes, you will be given some One Time Offers as you go for your freebies – but you don’t have to take them unless you want to – go to Shark Frenzy Graphics

Project Quick Cash

Project Quick Cash

Project Quick Cash (PQC) is an ebook that details five (yes, five) different techniques to make money online in a smart way. What differentiates PQC from the rest is that all the five techniques are quick and easy to implement, needs zero/very low cost upfront, requires no technical knowledge or prior experience and can be replicated any number of times to earn more income..

Hard work is passe.. Smart thinking is in! – That’s the PQC Mantra.

So I’ve joined.

And here’s the link where you can find out more — CLICK HERE.

That’s all for today.

Happy hunting