Site Rubix Review – Really Easy Website Builder

I must admit I was amazed. I haven’t done much website design recently, the last time was when I used Serif PagePlus which was very good; but it did take me an hour or so. Yesterday I designed 2 websites in about 10 minutes and today I did another two in the same time. How? By using Site Rubix, that’s how.

To be honest I was a bit stumped at how to get started until I found a video on someone else’s site. This provided enough detail to work out what to do, despite the awful quality, and suddenly I found I had made my first two sites. I’ve since found a better version on the Site Rubix site itself (why didn’t I think of that first!)  – you’ll see it when you get ahead of me and click the link HERE.

It’s not quite 1-2-3, but it is certainly step-by-step.

  1. Give your new site a name.
  2. Choose a template (background. layout, colour) There are 16 templates to choose from. Hit the ‘create site’ button.
  3. You are then taken to the main screen where you enter the information (text) you want to put up on your website. It has useful detailing such as ‘click here to enter text’, So you ‘click here’ and add what you want, you can then resize it, change the colour, change the font, make the words bold, italic etc.
  4. If you don’t like the banner at the top (background panel) then you click on ‘change banner’ and go and find one you do like. While you look through the list you can click each one to see a preview.
  5. You add a new section by clicking on ‘add new layout’ which brings up 7 different layout designs such as a section divided in half down the middle, or 30/70, 70/30 – or just all the way across (100%). You then add the information you want in there.
  6. On the left Is already a Navigation panel – so you can have more than one page on your site and link to each of them through the menu – or you can delete it completely.
  7. In the sections you can add images as well as the text, or instead of it, and you can also put in a hyperlink for either so that it goes to a URL when It’s clicked.
  8. If you decide you don’t like the template you started out with, you can simply change it without losing all your work.
  9. And you can work in html if you must. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the coding language website designers use – but if you are using Site Rubix, you don’t really need to worry about that.

Every time any change is made the system automatically saves your work for you – but you can also save it manually. As you progress you can even preview what you are doing to make sure it is all right.

Once you’ve finished, Site Rubix has its very own FTP program for you to upload your new site to your hosting company. This is very easy once you know how to login using FTP – your hosting ISP will be able to help you with those details, but as a guide you will need your domain name ie, the username for your hosting site and the password. But I don’t need to tell you all this as the help pages in Site Rubix are there to do that.

You can use Site Rubix to build a site with one or 100s of pages.

Here’s a summary of exactly what Site Rubix will be able to do:

  • Build a professional looking site in less than 5 minutes.
  • Build a site with absolutely no HTML skills.
  • Drag and drop your site to look how you want it.
  • Send your new website (or changes you may make in future) directly to your own webhost using the built-in FTP.
  • Use it to quickly build websites for other people – and get paid.
  • Duplicate existing pages and full sites with a click of the button.
  • Customise banners, images etc and the system will handle the resizing etc to keep it looking great.
  • Upload your own pictures and graphics so that they are stored ready for use at any time.

and what is more, it’s totally FREE to all members of Wealthy Affiliate University of which I am one!! WA also happens to include FREE webhosting and a host of resources, tools and support.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate University is the only place where you can get access to Site Rubix. So why don’t you check it out now!

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John Thornhill Fast Track Coaching Has Arrived!

We all asked for it and now he’s done it!

Yes, it’s true. John Thornhill has launched his Personal Coaching Program permanently.

WANTED – highly motivated individuals!

If you have tried so many different online money-making projects that your head is exploding, or you are just starting out and trying to work out which of all the thousands of marketing programs is best – then this is for you. I have never before come across such a comprehensive system which explains in minute detail and step-by-step, how and what to do – and when.

Over the 16 weeks of the course John introduces all the elements you need to become a successful internet marketer. The mainstay of your business will be information products – ebooks, for example. Why? Because these are almost instantly downloadable and cost hardly anything to reproduce time after time after time. More importantly, creating your own info product is THE best way to make money.

But to be successful, you don’t just need information products; you need to know how to ‘sell’ them and even before that, how to get people to find them in the first place.

Every element of John Thornhill’s Fast Track Coaching course is designed to show you just that – and more.

Here are some of the things you will be learning:

  • How to set up a blog

  • How to create your own product from scratch

  • How to put your ebooks onto an interactive CD (required for eBay)

  • How to write your sales page

  • How to use the best autoresponder AWEBER

  • How to use Clickbank – as an affiliate and as a ‘merchant’

  • How and where to advertise

  • How to set up your own website

  • And there is so much more

If you haven’t a clue, or you’ve tried internet marketing with little success, then I strongly recommend this course to you.

It costs $497 – approximately £270 at time of writing – plus a bit more for some of the elements you will need to setup separately eg web hosting, AWEBER, etc (Don’t worry, John will explain everything to you as you go.)

You will receive weekly tasks and then it’s up to you to complete them as soon as you can.

Now for a word of warning.

This course requires dedication on your part or you are not going to get anywhere very fast. For myself, I found it extremely hard choosing what I was going to base my own information product on and that held me back for a few weeks. I decided it would be eBay – but even now I haven’t finished it. (I really want to get it done and dusted soon so I can move forward. Watch this space.)

Also, despite John’s best efforts and my not inconsiderable computer skills, there were still some things I had difficulty mastering. But you know what, thanks to his (and his co-worker, Dan’s) help, they are all coming together. I’m beginning to get the big picture.

I do sometimes feel like a juggler trying to keep a dozen or more knives and flambeaus in the air all at the same time, but every evening I write down what I plan to do next day and slowly, slowly it’s all taking shape.

So, bite the bullet and pop over to register here. You won’t regret it.

Go on – you know you want to!

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Make Money From Your Photos

Credit crunch times
These days everyone seems to have a digital camera. There are even really good quality ones on cellphones. In these ‘credit crunch’ times, it makes sense to seriously consider how YOU can make money from your photos.

But anyone can take a photograph!
Yes, anyone can take a picture. But not everyone can take a good picture. But you don’t need to be another David Bailey to take a really good shot. If you’re taking photos for pleasure, as a reminder of a special day out, it’s sufficient to have an inexpensive camera which doesn’t have a massively high resolution.

Photos which you want to use on eBay are perfectly OK using a 3mp (megapixel) setting. I have a 10mp camera but pop it down to 3mp when I take my eBay pics.

Likewise, if you only want to print a picture the size of the small paper photos your Mom and Dad delighted in showing to everyone every Christmas, then you don’t need to buy an expensive camera.

However, if you want to make money from your photos you do need to spend a bit more. Photos which you want to sell need to be of the best quality; which means having a camera with a high quality lens and more than 6 megapixels resolution’. (For a detailed explanation of ‘megapixel’ see this Wikipedia page –

How Can You Make Money From Your Photos?
The basic idea is that you submit your pictures to specialist websites from which people pay to download them for their own purposes. In effect you could have a single photograph downloaded by many different people – and every time you get paid.

There are other ways to make money from your photos – the most obvious is probably being the official photographer at weddings. But there are still lots of people out there who don’t have the equipment, time or knowledge to take even the most basic of pictures, for example, to advertise their car, or realtors needing photos of the houses they are selling. There are lots of possibilities.

Learn How To Take Good Photographs
If you are not already ‘in’ to photography, then you need to learn. You may even want to take an evening class.

It is more than point and click. You need to learn the techniques which will make your photos desirable. And then you need to know how to go about selling them. You must also think about the type of digital camera you need and if you need to buy one, how much you are prepared to pay.

The All In One System To Make Money From Your Photos

I was looking through my files of information products today when I came across one called ‘Camera Dollars’. I’d bought this last year as I knew I was going to be made redundant and wanted to investigate the various options open to me. Whilst I have not gone into photography in a big way, choosing rather to take a different path, the downloadable ebooks which come with this system are extremely good at providing virtually all of the information you need to establish your own photography business.

Aimed primarily at the US market – it lists lots of off-line companies most of which are in the USA –  nevertheless the techniques and ideas are just as valid for any country. The internet sites which sell photos for you are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The Camera Dollars system costs $39.97 as I write, and comes as two manuals in zipped files which you download to your computer. One manual covers all of the technical aspects (and more), the other explains how you can get commissions by taking pictures of local vehicles for sale – a complete business system in itself.

Then there are the bonuses. As these may change from time to time, I’m not going to list them here – but be assured they are very good! But I will tell you that right now one of the bonuses is a Digital Photography Guide for Newbies.

There are also long lists of resources – sites that will pay for your photos, free income generating bonuses, and a huge list of sites that will pay you for ‘field servicing’.

When you go to the website to find out more (CLICK HERE) you are given the opportunity to sign up for a free enewsletter of weekly money-making tips. I recommend you do this.

All you need is a digital camera & internet access to get started. Even if you have never taken a photograph with a digital camera before, you can make lots of money from your photos if you just find out how.

The Camera Dollars system costs a one-time fee of $39.97 and you can see more details and order it HERE.  Please be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Free Web 2.0 Graphics and Free URL cloaker

Yes, I was a bit sceptical too, when I saw that. But it’s true – you can get masses of free graphics from

Many of us want to build our own sites but lack the resources to do it really well. Having graphics which stand out from most other sites is essential.

Daniel Viega seems to have lots of great stuff. Yes, when you sign up for the freebies you are taken to two more pages where you are asked to buy some more excellent packages – but if you don’t need those just yet – and can resist temptation, you can scroll down to the bottom and still get through to the free page.

There’s no harm in these upsells; that’s how they make their money. Right now I genuinely do not have a need for more than the basic package.

However, it did lead to something else that I am interested in – how to ‘cloak’ my affiliate urls.

Clickbank is great for affiliate programs which is one of the major strings on my bow, but the ‘hoplink’ is something which can be so easily changed by anyone who knows how, that disguising my affiliate URLs is essential.

Daniel’s free graphics package has a link to My Link Guard by Richard Legg. I’ve literally only just picked this up – again it’s free – so I haven’t even started to use it, but I understand a bit about how it works. To be honest, I think you can do this without a special program, but need some sort of web programming knowledge, which I don’t have – yet. So I’m happy to recommend it as it’s free.

So today’s treat – two free programs for you.


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JohnnysIdeas and Passwords

I’ve just come across this fascinating site called JohnnysIdeas. It’s a free ‘Creative Idea Consulting Website’ – but looks as if he doesn’t mind accepting a donations if what he comes up with is useful. I think this could be a very useful little resource.

I found the site after I had visited Paula Brett’s Blog – she was explaining all about RSS feeds and this hit a nerve for me. I’ve just started using Squidoo and I hadn’t quite worked out how to set it up for RSS. You can see what she has written here. Paula has loads of really useful information in her Blog – hopefully I will too sometime.

My Squidoo Lens (their word for an article) is about the Best Way to Manage Passwords. I won’t re-write it all again, so here’s where it is. I’ve been many years working with computers and it sometimes fills me with terror when I see how careless intelligent people are with their passwords. I can understand new users getting it wrong as there’s lots to learn – but old hands really should know better!

More importantly is the need to find a secure way to look after all the passwords we need – and – to fill in all the different logins. Anyway, my lens describes a bit more, or if you want to know the answer now, then pop along to this site (and no, I’m not going to tell you here!)

So, it just goes to show how one thing can lead to another when you’re surfing (and potentially distract us from the job in hand – so back to my ebook writing it is).

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