Battling with my computer

I’m a tenacious IT bod with a reputation for fixing all things technical (often simply by standing in front of the ‘miscreant’ piece of equipment), but sometimes even I get a bit fed up with having to fix things which go wrong through no fault of my own.

For example, suddenly overnight, web pages don’t display properly. Nothing has happened at my end (as far as I know), but do you think I can find an answer? Knowing how to ask the question certainly helps.

Microsoft issue an update, or one of the other most used programs (eg Flash Player in this particular case), and today I can’t get a site to work that was 100% OK yesterday! All the fixes and advice offered by Adobe have come to nought. So I’ve no chance of making my fortune on a Lottery Instant Win until it’s fixed. Better get back to business.

But it does look like I might be getting that new computer sooner rather than later!

At least I have access to a fantastic source of help and advice in the PlanetSMS forum. Here’s hoping we can get the problems sorted soon as they really are driving me crazy!

Until next time – may your computer remain steadfast.


Information Overload

If you are anything like me, you have signed up for quite a few e-newsletters from all sorts of people. I mainly concentrate on Internet Marketing, but I also have some which are strictly non-commercial or just IT/Computer related. And of course the daily news from the BBC with my own selection of topics. I especially don’t like anything that offers masses of bonus items (and I mean MASSES), or require me to sign up for 10, 20 or more other newsletters all immediately after I’ve bought the thing I was tempted with. (I’m usally too tired by then!)

Having signed up for John Thornhill’s coaching course, it makes sense to keep receiving all of these newsletters, but not to be tempted by any of those which promise to make a fortune in record time.

Why not simply unsubscribe? Well, they all help to give a bigger picture of what’s going on out there; what seems to work. After all, I’ve bought from them myself in the past – but I’m just not buying into anything else for a while. I want to give my fullest attention to JT’s Coaching programme and do that properly.

The ones I’m not too keen on are those which just want to sell you something – every time. HST, it’s just such a newsletter which led me to the 90 Day Powerseller Programme which I’m on now. So even this type of newsletter can be useful.

There are others where they give tips and ideas. I like those. Every now and then there’s a special offer, but not every time. I think those are the sort I would like to set up for myself. Which means, that I need to keep in touch with most of them – the good, the bad and the ugly – so that I can learn even more about Internet Marketing and perhaps Joint Venture with the ones I like so that we can both benefit.

Sounds like a plan.

Until next time.